The Game of Conscious Life

A 10-Week Interactive Experience Designed to Help You
Master Your Story, Own Your Choices & Amplify Your Impact

Join a group of 30 like-minded entrepreneurs, next level game changers and conscious leaders from all around the world to learn how to transform your internal dialogue, upgrade your reality and commit to showing up before you’re ready.

All in a context of a GAME. That's right, let's play:


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If You've Ever Dreamed of...

Leading an extraordinary life you’re proud of, building a legacy-driven business that fulfills you and exploring the world, while knowing you belong to an awesome community of like-minded individuals who have your back...

Then this could be the most important page you will ever read.

And here's why

You are here for a reason.

And you have the power…

  • To empower people around you to never give up.
  • To share what you’ve come forth to master.
  • To provide hope, light and guidance to those whose paths might have been dimmed.
  • To build rich, strong, inclusive communities of influence and impact.
  • To inspire the children of our world to find their calling and lead from a place of love and compassion.
  • And so much more...

However, all too often, brilliant leaders (just like you) choose to dim down their genius and instead, play it safe. Be it consciously or not, you allow disempowering thoughts and limiting patterns to overpower your desires.

“I’m not good enough… I’ll do it when the time is right… What will others think of me… What if I fail… What if I succeed...”

Are just some of the thoughts that creep in E V E R Y  T I M E you have an idea, an impulse of inspiration or a desire to do something outside of your normal, familiar, comfortable zone. And instead of taking action, building momentum and shaking things up, you assume the worst and lean into worry, self-doubt, comparison and fear...

Sound familiar?

And if so, do you ever wonder WHY you keep repeating those patterns?

Here's the thing...

You'll never be able to embrace your full potential, become genuinely happy and contribute to humanity in a way and as much as you want to, if you stay a victim to your own mind.

I say this with conviction, because I know what it’s like to feel guilty about not stepping up to your own potential... I know what fear of both 'success and failure' look like and how it can trick you into staying within your comfort zone of mediocrity for far too long.

I know how paralyzing it is to think you’re never enough.

That’s why I've created….

The Game of Conscious Life

A 10-Week Collective Experience Designed To Help You Go From "Knowing" to "Embodying" and "Wanting" to "Creating"

This is YOUR life and it's meant to be lived + experienced to the fullest, don't you agree?

Join us to discover and put into action tools, frameworks and strategies for upleveling your inner game and become a fierce, courageous, genuinely happy, influential Human Being ... while learning how to grow through resistance and transform your current disempowering patterns.

It’s time to design & live your version of an ideal life.
It’s time to increase the amount of time you feel inspired & in flow.
It’s time to expand your capacity to create & receive abundance, success, and love.

And most importantly…

It’s time empower those around you to do the same.

It’s time to #OwnYourHumanity.

You’re Ready!

10 Weeks: 8 Weekly Focus Areas & Challenges, 4 LIVE Connection Calls, Weekly Facilitated Check ins, Countless Hours of Group Interaction and a very special “Expansion Kit” delivered right to your doorstep to help you stay invested and on top of your progress.

Here's What People are Saying About
The Game of Conscious Life

Adam Rubin (Sedona AZ, USA)
Co-founder of RENEW

“What I loved about The Game of Conscious Life is that it takes you from knowledge, information, self-reflection and self-awareness, and it pulls and pushes you into action.”

Melissa Killeleagh (Seneca Falls NY, USA)
Coach, Regional Vice President at Arbonne International

“If you’re looking for integrity, integration, clarity, wisdom, future-thinking, it’s in there… Because it’s inside of you. And The Game of Conscious Life will bring it out of you, I guarantee it.”

Nika Drobnic (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
Lifestyle Entrepreneur

“This experience will challenge your beliefs, it will motivate you and most importantly, it will provide you will tools to help you step up your game.”

People Talk About Living Life On Their Own Terms, But Few People Actually Do... Why?

Because living your dream life takes work.

And the harsh reality is that a lot of people are just too lazy, impatient and afraid to step up and take ownership of everything that happens and doesn’t happen in their life.


Coming from a very successful 21 year long career as a professional Ballroom Dancer & Coach, I know that becoming GREAT takes time, passion, a little bit of talent and a lot of hard work.

According to Malcolm Gladwell’s theory, it takes about 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” for one to become world-class in any field.

Now, it might take you 3467 hours in your field. It might take me 12864 hours in mine. That’s not the point. The point is that you have to do the work and commit to constant and never ending improvement as a way of life.

Starting now and ending NEVER.

Over the last 10 years, I have invested over $150K+ into my personal development and what I've discovered is that it's devotion to Mastery of Self that leads to an extraordinary life of freedom, creativity and impact.

In the last year, I've built a 6-figure online marketing consulting business that provides me with freedom + flexibility to focus on building the first ever personal development & conscious leadership game out there.

My vision is to help people just like me to tap into their childlike curiosity and playfulness, in order to embrace all of who they are and take ownership of daily conscious leadership, so that we can collectively build an accepting, honest & diverse community of global leaders.

Say YES to Playing The Game of Conscious Life With Me
And Other 30 Like-Minded Legends Today

If you're anything like me, then you must have noticed that humanity is going through a consciousness shift right now. More and more people are coming alive and coming together in hope, love and unity.

And it's up to Gen Y leaders, just like you and I, to be the positive shift that our world needs. It’s our responsibility to show what human beings are capable of when we choose to lead by example with power & clarity.

Are you with me?

Here’s what will happen when you say YES and secure your spot:

  • First, you’ll receive a a welcome email outlining key rules of the game, as well as a schedule of our LIVE Connection Calls.
  • In that email, you’ll find an opportunity to schedule a 15 min connection call with me, so that we can get to know each other before we kick off.
  • Then, you’ll be welcomed into the Own Your Humanity Inner Circle - our secret community on Facebook (Internally, we call ourselves the OYH Crew), where you’ll meet friends from United States of America, Australia, England, Estonia, Croatia and Malaysia.
  • Over the next 10 weeks, you'll receive 8 carefully curated modules, with more than 5 hours of content, guidance + support. Each module will be delivered via email in 3 parts:

Every Sunday Morning, you’ll receive a WEEKLY FOCUS to help you raise awareness on a particular subject.

Every Wednesday Morning, you’ll receive a WEEKLY CHALLENGE to help you put your newly gained awareness into action.

Every Friday Morning, you’ll receive a WEEKLY CHECK-IN prompt to help you stay connected, accountable and in motion.

  • You’ll receive one of Own Your Humanity’s signature ‘Expansion Kits’ that will be delivered straight to your door within the first 2 weeks of you joining the game.
  • And SO much more...

Here’s What We'll Focus On Inside
The Game of Conscious Life…

Introducing the Three Pillars of Conscious Leadership

First, we'll take a deeper look at everything that’s going on in your life without judgement. We'll identify some of your key mental, emotional and behavioural 'blocks' or patterns that you’ve been running on autopilot.

We'll also focus on moving into the deeper level of self-understanding and self-acceptance, while remaining present in the moment of NOW.

We will focus on developing a habit of speaking your truth. In other words, we'll practice “unlearning” lying or “keeping quiet” because it’s easier that way. We will focus on being real with ourselves about ourselves. Then, to ourselves about others. Then, about ourselves to others.

It's not going to be easy and it'll take intentional commitment + consistency, and myself and the group will be there to create a safe space to help you lean in, ask for support and relax into courageous vulnerability.

We'll focus on marrying Awareness with Honesty and focus on taking full responsibility for our gifts, strengths, dreams and desires, as well the shadows that are currently present.

We'll focus on taking full responsibility for everything that does or doesn’t happen in our lives, so that we can claim All of Who We Really Are and recognize if it's time to adjust our choices based on the greater, newly evolved vision of yourself and your role in the world.



The Game of Conscious Life is not a personal development or leadership course you can purchase and never complete.

It’s a way of life, a new way of Being, and truly a collective experience.

So please... Reserve your spot ONLY if you’re serious and are ready to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. At least for the next 3 months!

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The Game of Conscious Life

Kicking Off Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Please note, that since The Game of Conscious Life is still in beta,
you're saving almost 75% off the entire experience.


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Still have questions?

Who is The Game of Conscious Life for? +

The Game of Conscious Life is for you if you...

- Consider yourself a leader and are familiar with personal development work.

- Are looking to move from “understanding and knowing” something to “living and embodying” it fully.

- Are committed to leading people around you through the power of your own example and are not afraid of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

- Are looking for a highly curated community of like-minded individuals to hold space for your expansion and support ALL OF YOU in your endeavours.

- Are interested in learning tools, strategies and frameworks that you can apply to shift yourself into inspired action, every time you feel stuck, uncertain, frustrated.

- Are excited about your potential and being of service to humanity.

- Are ready to be open, honest and vulnerable and to experience the exponential growth that happens when you align your values with your priority and open yourself up to possibilities through daily conscious leadership.

- Are self-motivated, resourceful, generous, loving and kind.

- Like people and see life as an adventure that’s meant to be fun.


The Game of Conscious Life is NOT for you if you…

- Find it hard to be in integrity with your word and have difficulty honoring your commitments.

- Are not willing to get “uncomfortable” doing the “inner” and “outer” work required to make a long lasting change in your life.  

- Are not willing to be open, honest and vulnerable with yourself and the group.

- Are negative, judgemental, passive-aggressive, disorganized.

- Are indecisive and like to bitch, whine or complain.

- Are a “taker” and like to make excuses and externalize responsibility by pointing fingers.

When does The Game begin? +

Round #2 of The Game of Conscious Life kicks off on March 14, 2017 and you’ll find your full schedule inside one of your Welcome Emails that will be sent to you once you secure your spot HERE

What if I don’t like The Game of Conscious Life. Will you refund me? +

You will have until the first day of Week #2 (Sun, March 26, 2017) to try The Game of Conscious Life risk-free. If during that time you decide that it’s not right for you, and you have completed all challenges & accountability steps to date + have been interactive within the community, just email us at and you’ll be issued a full and prompt refund.

In short, you either get to play a life-changing game with a group of like-minded legends, or you get your money back.

Fair? I think so.

Do I get access to the whole Game as soon as I enroll? +

No. To ensure a steady, gradual progression for all members of the experience and to support meaningful interaction within the community, all content will be released strategically and on a weekly basis.

Just like in most games, you have to “complete” different levels in order to “win”. Same here 😉

Is this a one time payment or do I have to make payments in the future? +

$397 is a one time payment and the only monetary commitment you’ll have to make in order to secure your spot in the game.  

What if I get stuck in the middle of the journey? Is there anybody who will help me? +

Yes. The entire experiences is designed to help us work with and through our blocks, so there’ll be plenty of facilitated opportunities to ask for help, guidance & support.

We’re all in this together and I’m leaving no one behind.

What if I miss LIVE Community Calls? +

All LIVE calls will be recorded and made available that same day, so no worries if you have to miss a call or two.

What if I live outside the US / Europe / Australia? +

Own Your Humanity Tribe is truly a global community, with members from USA, Australia, Europe.e.

Can I play in the next round? Will you be doing this again? +

Since Own Your Humanity and The Game of Conscious Life are still in beta, I can’t promise if and or when will the next round happen.

So if you’re resonating with what we’re up to here, secure your spot HERE and help me shape The Game of Conscious Life into the first ever Personal Development & Leadership GAME for both adults and teenagers out there.


Natalie Drenovac (Sydney, Australia)     Entrepreneur, Founder of Project 365 Natalie Drenovac (Sydney, Australia) Entrepreneur, Founder of Project 365

The Game of Conscious Life was a phenomenal experience where Maria helps you dive deep into what's your passion, your purpose & ultimately, living into the potential of who you can become! If you willingly answer and uncover your hidden blocks, there's an ocean of awareness waiting to reveal itself to you.”

Angela Garcia (Fort Lauderdale, USA)    Entrepreneur Angela Garcia (Fort Lauderdale, USA) Entrepreneur

Prior to joining The Game of Conscious Life I was trying to figure out what I was passionate about and how to encompass who I am and what I like into a business. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I said YES but I knew it felt right.

I dived in fully and whoa, not going to lie, it was hard. Especially the part about uncovering our stories and doing a surrender & release ritual…  But although it was hard and uncomfortable, it was incredibly rewarding!

I learned a lot about myself and I’m moving forward with new encouraging friends and much more clarity about what I want to create. I’m forever grateful for this amazing ride.”

Annie Hernon (Antibes, France)   Yogi, Special Events Creator Annie Hernon (Antibes, France) Yogi, Special Events Creator

“Playing The Game of Conscious has been a gift! It has opened me up to support, smart forward thinking, and most of all motivation & courage to go after my dreams.

Working through weekly challenges and accountability steps has provided me with a framework I can use moving forward and being able to tap into a group of like minded entrepreneurs has helped me to understand that it's all a process.

My internal dialogue has shifted and as a result, my planning has become more efficient and effective. I’m feeling held, supported and understood.”

Frank Zhao (Sydney, Australia)   Entrepreneur, Founder of Jobfi Frank Zhao (Sydney, Australia) Entrepreneur, Founder of Jobfi

“I really enjoyed The Game of Conscious Life, as it provided me with a framework and a support system to understand my needs, uncover my fears and overcome my reluctance.”

Maureen Saladino (Delaware, USA)  Master Energy Healer & Coach Maureen Saladino (Delaware, USA) Master Energy Healer & Coach

“I started The Game of Conscious Life feeling like it was time to work with another coach because I wanted to be the student and not a teacher. I was at a point in my life and career, where I was looking to up level and needed to kick it up a notch.

And wow…

Words cannot express how much I shifted as a woman, as a soul, and universal energy force by saying YES to this journey. I’ve been stretched, flexed and given permission to transform my life with no judgements.

The Game of Conscious Life was a full mind, body and spirit shift. It allowed me to go deep inside my soul and feel supported along the way. I feel FREE, like my 3 year old self before I had trauma, which is HUGE.

I am not new to the self development world and hands down, this is the best personal development & leadership incubator on the market.

Trust me, you will not be disappointed. This experience shifted my whole life and I can not thank Maria and the entire Own YOur Humanity crew enough for an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Kimberly Kling Artist, Founder & CEO of Joyful Roots Kimberly Kling Artist, Founder & CEO of Joyful Roots

“Before I started the Own Your Human journey, I was feeling stuck and was struggling to find clarity around how my business and life could be of better service to the world. I felt there was a greater purpose for my gifts, but I was searching to understand exactly what it was.

The Game of Conscious Life guided me to to find more clarity and step into my purpose, but it also did so much more! I found invaluable community and support through the group, giving me accountability, connectedness, and love. I was broken wide open by weekly content and challenges, and then put back together in a way that completely shifted my paradigm.

This experience gave me direction, healed certain aspects of my life, and helped me reclaim my passion and power in my business. Maria is an enthusiastic, compassionate, and wise leader and to her, I am forever grateful!”

Julia Grishkova (London, UK) Entrepreneur Julia Grishkova (London, UK) Entrepreneur

“The Game of Conscious Life was a life changing experience which helped me a lot on my path of self growth, which I’ve chosen a long time ago.  

It helped me to reflect on certain things, to notice and discover things about myself that were important, to fix, start over, try again… It also helped me commit to certain regular practices, which I’ve been abandoning…

I strongly believe that all of us need a reminder of the things we already know, but don’t do or fully embody and this community gave me exactly that!

Even though, this experience caught me in a funny, unstable and not that easy period of life, it was very useful and a great example that the work you do on yourself is the hardest, yet the most important work one can do.”

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Here’s to leading an extraordinary life you’re proud of,

P.S. Since The Game of Conscious Life is still in beta, the number of spots is limited to 30 people, and are likely to sell out before invitation expires at 11.59 on Tuesday, March 7, 2017. So if what you’ve read on this page resonates with you, I invite you to secure your spot now while there is still space.

P.P.S. If you’ve read this far, I know with certainty that The Game of Conscious Life will help you change the trajectory of your life! Because here’s the thing – you simply wouldn’t be on this page if you weren’t looking for something to help you tap into the infinite possibilities you know are available to you.

So… here’s my invitation: join our community and commit to playing full out by securing your spot today , and know that myself and the entire Own Your Humanity Crew has got your back.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side.